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July 19, 2017by Reva McPollom0

Whether it’s building your next e-learning project from inception, creating digital curriculum or developing a learning management system to improve corporate performance, experienced LxD consultants can help you decide which tools and methods are best suited to execute your project efficiently and effectively.

Here are 8 reasons to hire an LxD consultant for your next learning and development initiative.

Deliver 21st Century Learning – Digital learning platforms are constantly evolving with new technologies.  Today’s UI/UX standards may not have the lasting power to be a real solution in a year or so. An LxD consultant can help you builds solutions for the future that not only keep pace with business and education but establish new trends in methodological approach, design and user interaction.

Go Lean As an Organization – Hiring consultants lessens the burden of having to develop resources internally. While the consultant helps you figure out your goals and capabilities, develops a framework for success, and provides timely deliverables, your core HR and L&D employees can focus on the day-to-day operations of your organization.

Drive Organizational PerformanceDigital learning tools for your staff translates into increased performance for your organization.  In order to compete in a competitive marketplace, companies need to invest in their staff and integrate the necessary tools and resources to develop a winning organizational culture.

Why Hire Reva Digital Consultants?

Cost Containment – Reva Digital’s qualified and capable consultants help organizations cut costs by shifting organizational budgets from full-time employees to retainer-(or project)-based consultants.  This means making smarter and more effective hires that can contribute to long-term organizational goals.  Reva Digital provides fee-for-service contributions to your organization, reducing costs and keeping companies stable and in-line for increased growth.

Fresh Ideas – Consultants can bring fresh ideas and concepts to make your technology and learning platforms compatible with your organization.  Our team of global consultants will help you deliver the most innovative and engaging technologically-based learning solutions for your team with the most proven methods.  Instead of cookie-cutter learning solutions, Reva Digital offers comprehensive and creative solutions structured for your needs.

Research & Development – Reva Digital’s team of experts use their knowledge and experience to conduct extensive market and content research to develop the most effective strategies and solutions for your project, freeing up valuable time and resources for your team.

Project Management – From inception to completion, Reva Digital manages all of the phases of project development, maintaining open lines of communication throughout the process.  Our efforts alleviate some of challenges organizations encounter when developing small-scale and large-scale projects. Streamlining this process reduces mistakes, increases productivity, and saves valuable resources

Design & Development – Reva Digital’s team of consultants use state-of-the-art technology to create wireframes, design mockups, style guides, storyboards, outlines, prototypes, templates and other deliverables to see your project through to completion.

Developing technology and learning solutions requires individuals with multifaceted levels of expertise in a variety of disciplines. At Reva Digital, our LxD consultants transform organizational learning architecture and implement modern learner experience design strategies that help businesses adopt blended learning approaches, eliminate unnecessary expenditures, increase employee engagement and improve overall performance.

We offer comprehensive project management, instructional design, e-learning development, web development and content development services for your organization’s needs, and pride ourselves on delivering effective, efficient, and engaging digital learning solutions for our clients, so they can focus on delivering the critical services that keep their learners happy, productive and successful. Contact us today for a free training needs assessment.



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