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To create a modern learning culture, you need a modern technology ecosystem. Get bespoke digital learning support, from elearning design to website development.

Course Development

Today’s learner has grown up surrounded by digital media. Increasingly, eLearning is essential to holistic education and training. Reva Digital provides instructional design services and off-the-shelf resources.

Website Development

Launching a school website, LMS, or onboarding portal requires the creation of web pages and templates. Our web development services ensure a consistent look and feel across all learning platforms.

Digital Learning Strategy

Clearly defined objectives and outcomes are essential to a successful training program. Reva Digital can help you clarify your learning goals, design curriculum, and develop training content.

Learning Management Systems

If you need custom LMS development, LMS administration, or a quick, flexible LMS solution with off-the-shelf elearning, Reva Digital can help translate your vision for online education into reality.

Reva Digital provides professional eLearning services, including custom online course development, mLearning development, rapid eLearning course authoring, curriculum development, content development and web development. We specialize in building narrative elearning courses following anchored instruction methodology and agile learning design principles. Work with us to enhance or create your eLearning course, professional development program, corporate academy, center of excellence, learning portal, or college or university website. If you want to meet the needs and expectations of today’s learners, we can help you modernize.

Our Blended Learning Solutions

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Our flexible engagement models allow us to scale up or down based on client demands. Our dual WBE and MBE certifications make us an ideal staff augmentation partner for government contracts. Be it a stand-alone online training course or an extended program, we provide services customized to client needs.
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