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We are experts in modern learner experience design creating high quality digital learning experiences that promote the development of new knowledge, behaviors and skills.

We conduct analysis to understand the solution you seek and align the right people to make it real.
We identify measurable objectives at the outset so you can quantify your program's success.
We conduct performance analysis to identify organizational gaps and provide training solutions.
We create engaging high-end digital learning experiences that inform and entertain.


We design outcomes-oriented elearning courses and digital learning assets. Rooted in a modern learner experience design approach, we follow the ADDIE/Agile methodology, focusing on speed, flexibility and collaboration.
Multidisciplinary experts with high emotional intelligence and passion for improving learning outcomes
Rockstar creative talent that can make your wildest dreams come to life through digital art and storytelling

Strategy for Every Stage in the Client's Journey

Superior ROI:

We create clear objectives and design training programs that deliver true ROI.

Agile Teams:

We work iteratively and elicit continuous feedback to keep projects on track.

Modern Operating Model:

We provide “hired expertise” to accelerate your digital transformation.


Do you have additional questions?

How are instructional design and elearning development different?

If you think of it like building a house, instructional designers are the architects and elearning developers are the construction workers. Taking that analogy a step further, our creative team are like interior designers; they create assets like illustrations and animated videos to deliver the instructional content. In practical terms, instructional designers work with you to understand your objectives and translate them into instructional design blueprints, scripts and storyboards that the creative team uses to produce the learning content, and the elearning developers assemble all the assets in the elearning course environment, ensuring the ultimate deliverable is accessible and intuitive.

How do you create content that is culturally responsive?

Key components of culturally responsive teaching are building trust, affirming identities, and validating historical context that leads to educational inequity. The objective of culturally responsive teaching is to stimulate the intellective capacity of culturally and linguistically diverse learners and move learners from dependent to independent learning. It’s also important to acknowledge collectivist culturally practices and learning preferences rooted in oral traditions. We keep all of these things in mind when creating our digital learning experiences and prioritize storytelling that reflects diverse characters and cultural references, provides ample opportunity for metacognitive activity and reflection, and uses personalization and adaptivity to promote self-directed learning.

What are your software and product consulting capabilities?

Our team’s expertise lies in the domains of machine learning, data analytics, and cloud infrastructure with deep expertise in Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Our capabilities include:

Amazon Web Services | Google Cloud Platform
Monolithic | Micro Service | REST APIs
Python | Node | Flask | Django | Express
React | Redux | Javascript
MySQL | PostgreSQL | Mongo
AWS CI/CD | Gitlab pipeline | Circle CI

Are you MWBE Certified?

Reva Digital Media LLC is a Minority Woman owned Business. Projects that require proof of certification may be executed under Lessonbee Inc., which is MWBE certified in New York.

Where are your resources located and how are projects staffed?

Reva Digital Media LLC uses a best-visible-best-fit resource allocation model in partnership with Lessonbee Inc. Our teammates are located in New York, Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Egypt.

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