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Reva Digital unburdens your organization of the need for in-house instructional design & technology expertise, so they can focus on what they do best.

We provide support for companies looking to build a high impact L&D organization. Before you determine that training is an appropriate solution to performance issues, let Reva Digital conduct performance analysis to identify the root cause of your performance gaps. We’ll conduct interviews with your key stakeholders – including learners, managers, department leaders, internal subject matter experts and technical resources – to understand your learning needs. Then, we’ll translate your training needs into curriculum, training plans including assessments and real-world activities, and storyboards that can be used for elearning development.

L&D Consulting

Get support for your learning and development team, from instructional design to elearning course development.

Training Plan

After analysis is completed, a comprehensive training plan is created, and training content is designed to be effective, efficient and aligned to organizational goals.

Instructional Analysis

Instructional Analysis breaks down the learning tasks of each specific instructional goal, so instruction includes what’s necessary and eliminates extraneous material.

Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis helps determine the exact cause of the performance deficiency that is preventing the organization from reaching its objectives.

Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis identifies the elements that contribute to a gap between the current organizational state and desired future state. This gap is referred to as a performance gap.

Digital Badging & Credentialing

Digital badges open up new opportunities for learners and organizations by validating formal and informal learning. Reva Digital can teach you to implement badging in your organization.

Advisory Services

From social learning and gamification to mobile learning and performance support solutions, Reva Digital can introduce you to the latest technologies and instructional design best practices.

Elearning Examples

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