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Tired of boring elearning that fails to get results? We create interactive elearning to make the learning experience effective, efficient and engaging.

Digital technology has transformed the way we learn. Students are overwhelmed by a barrage of information. Millennial workers want learning and development programs to grow their sense of autonomy, mastery and purpose. Increasingly, students at all levels expect learning experiences that are self-paced and adaptive. In short, they expect elearning. Reva Digital provides custom elearning services. We can work with your existing content and subject matter experts, or research and develop curriculum for you. Our instructional designers collaborate with clients to deliver online courses that are effective, efficient and engaging.

Levels of Interactivity in Elearning

To disseminate basic information, a level 1 course could be sufficient. However, for active engagement, a more interactive level 3 elearning course is a must. More interactivity requires more time and thus, incurs higher cost. Factors to consider when planning your course will include:

Content and learning objectives

Technological infrastructure

Elearning development budget

Target audience demographics

If you do not have a learning management system, Reva Digital can provide consulting to identify, select and implement a new LMS.

  • Animated videos
  • Customized audio recording
  • Complex simulations
  • Scenario-based cases
  • Custom animations
  • Clickable animated graphics
  • Menus, glossaries, and links to external resources
  • Simple exercises
  • Audio and video
  • Graphics, images and simple animations
  • Rollovers
  • Basic quiz questions

Elearning Examples

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Healthy Bodies: Systems of the Human Body

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Human Development: Your Story Unfolds

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Introduction: Forging Your Path to Health

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