What I’ve Learned about Health Ed & Innovation

As the founder of an educational technology company, staying close to the issues that matter most to students, teachers, administrators and parents is imperative. There are lots of companies trying to solve problems in education with technology. The fact is, … Read More

Creating Healthier Schools via SSAE

In December 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) replaced No Child Left Behind as the nation’s guiding federal education law. It created the Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants program (SSAE), a block grant program under Title IVA of … Read More

Digital Health & Sex Education Pilot

The New York State Department of Education (NYSED) requires one semester of comprehensive health education in middle school and high school. But many schools are struggling to meet that requirement. Recently, NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer called attention to the paucity … Read More

Adaptive Learning and How it Works

With the ever-increasing use of technology infused learning, we have seen new trends and methods emerge. One of those is adaptive learning. While the idea of adapting learning experiences to individual student needs isn’t new, it takes on a new … Read More

How to Set Up an Elearning Course for Translation

How to Set Up an elearning Course for Translation English might be the main language of your global organization, but when it comes to learning, people often understand more taught in their own language. eLearning is a critical element for … Read More

10 questions to ask before starting instructional design project

10 Questions to Ask Your Elearning Client

Learn 10 questions every instructional designer should ask to ensure an efficient workflow for an elearning project.

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learner engagement

6 Creative Ways to Improve Learner Engagement

Improve learner engagement by following these 6 steps to create a learning experience that is immersive and intuitive.

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8 Reasons to Hire an LxD Consultant

From building an e-learning project to creating digital curriculum, experienced LxD consultants can help you execute your project efficiently.

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Reva Digital Assessment Consulting

How to Create an Assessment Strategy

Learn about five types of learning assessments and the key questions you should ask as you design your assessment strategy.

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4 Ways to Apply the Flipped Classroom Model

Learn the practical value of applying flipped classroom strategies with examples from our instructional design experts.

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Dynamic Difficulty in Game-Based E-Learning

Learn about dynamic difficulty, an important concept in game mechanics for creating adaptive and personalized e-learning experiences.

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3 Principles for Successful LxD

Learn 3 essential principles of adult, experiential and blended learning; fundamentals for fostering active and authentic learner experiences.

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