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Digital Learning StudioInstructional
Design Services

Culturally Responsive Elearning Development

SERVICESConsulting Services

SERVICESInstructional Design Services

Instructional Design

Designing training to meet performance objectives.

Animated Video

Unlimited possibilities to teach while building connection.

Interactive Elearning

Making training more effective, efficient and engaging.

L&D Consulting

Identify win-win strategies to ensure a productive workforce.

Software & Product

Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Cloud Infrastructure.

Live Training

Transform mindsets and skillsets with expert guidance.

OUR MISSIONEngage Learners
Wherever They Are

Use stories to make learning salient and memorable
Reflect diversity to help learners build connections
Validate and affirm learner experiences to build trust

Digital Solutions for Every Stage in the Learning Journey

Research and Analyse

We talk to you to understand the current and desired state in your organization and design outcomes-oriented digital learning that gets results.

Implementing Ideas

We translate your vision into reality by identifying objectives, building the appropriate solution, and supporting through implementation.

reva digital elearning

Digital Transformation

We support change through iteration, elicit continuous feedback to ensure alignment, and leverage technology to help you measure success.

OUR FOUNDERPartner With a
Proven Leader

Reva McPollom

BENEFITSWhy Choose Reva Digital

We focus on speed, flexibility and collaboration, infusing the core instructional design phases of ADDIE with the iterative and incremental nature of Agile to create a scalable process for rapid elearning development.

Passion & Commitment

We have a passion for results aligned with our clients’ success, and a commitment to the highest level of professionalism.

Bold & Practical

We combine bold thinking with a practical approach that focuses on getting the job done, turning decisions into action and results.

Honesty & Openness

We have a deep intellectual honesty, and the candor to tell it like it is in straightforward language our clients understand.

One Global Team

We work as one global team—both with each other and our clients—to direct our collective energy toward achieving the extraordinary.


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