Agile Learning Design - Next Generation Instructional Design

Collaboratively Building the Future of Learning

Reva Digital follows a blended ADDIE/Agile design model, focusing on speed, flexibility and collaboration. We infuse the core instructional design phases of ADDIE with the iterative and incremental nature of Agile to create a sustainable and flexible process for developing instructional materials.

Designing 21st Century Learning

Instructional Design & Elearning Expertise On-Demand

Reva Digital is an MWBE certified elearning company providing instructional design and technology solutions for workplaces, nonprofits, government agencies and schools throughout the Tri-State area. Founded by Columbia University graduate Reva McPollom in 2011, Reva Digital delivers digital learning transformation for clients by leveraging proprietary performance consulting strategies developed over years of experience working with clients in a range of industries and verticals. Reva Digital provides a unique blend of instructional design and technology consulting, program management, and ongoing industry analysis to help its clients gain competitive advantage through digital learning. Utilizing the Hollywood model and virtual collaboration technology, we provide a flexible solution for customers seeking a senior learning and development resource or instructional design and elearning development team to work on a recurring or project basis.

Our Process

ADDIE / Agile / Hollywood

Engagement Models

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For tactical engagements with a fixed scope and deadline.
Starting at $6,000


For ongoing instructional design needs following Agile methodology.

Starting at $3,750/month

Strategic Consultancy

For open-ended digital learning support across all of our services.

Starting at $150/hour

Reva Digital is an MWBE certified digital learning firm that helps businesses apply technology to enhance teaching, learning, training and performance. We help clients identify their true north and design solutions to bridge the gap between current and desired performance. Our team provides creative services, learning & development support, and strategic consulting. With expertise across instructional technology, digital marketing, and product development, we offer end-to-end support for organizations undergoing digital transformation.

Our Clients