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January 30, 2014by Reva McPollom0

razorfish-u-home-v4Since October, 2013 I’ve been working on a new learning platform for Razorfish. Called Razorfish University, this new self-directed university-modeled blended learning portal will provide employees with on-the-job resources, formal training modules, links to additional external training (like Lynda.com), videos, webinars and workshops, and communications capabilities. The responsively designed site will be accessible inside and outside the Razorfish network and on mobile devices, fulfilling the “Learn Inside. Learn Outside.” vision for professional development at Razorfish.

Time and again we’ve heard that employees want to know what trainings to take to reach the next level in their careers. Razorfish University is designed to make that more transparent. The new learning hub allows managers to recommend and sequence trainings on an individual level – so every employee will know the exact training expectations of his/her manager – providing employees greater control over their professional development.

Here are some of the goals that informed the design of Razorfish University:

  • A distributed, modular, customizable and easy-to-implement training delivery system
  • Ability to track formal and informal learning activities
  • Place to house eLearning modules
  • Way to provide employees a clear pathway to career development
  • Way to incentivize training participation in an automated fashion
  • Improve learning content and resource accessibility
  • Create one stop for learning and development, talent management, and thought leadership

Razorfish U meets all the above goals. It provides easy, on-demand access to all Razorfish learning content and programs in a gamified environment where employees earn badges and rewards for participation. In addition, Razorfish U uses the latest standard in online training known as Experience API. This means we can measure formal learning inside Razorfish U as well as informal learning on connected applications, like Yammer or Lynda.com, creating a more robust profile of employee learning activities and competences.

This March I will present Razorfish University at the Learning Solutions Conference and Expo in Orlando alongside Saltbox CEO John Delano in a session titled “How Razorfish Built an Incentivized Corporate University Using Open Source Technologies and the xAPI“. For more information on my session and other sessions visit the Learning Solutions Expo Sessions Page.

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