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June 1, 2012by Reva McPollom0

In its latest move to get small businesses on board with Google+, Google has updated many of its online network’s features and begun replacing Google Places in search results. 

According to Google’s Marissa Mayer, the company has already replaced 80 million Google Places pages with Google+ Local pages, and many more replacements are expected within the next few days.

While it may rub some business owners and SEOs the wrong way at first, there are other advantages to the new Google+ Local pages. Here are a few:

  • Integration with other Google features – like Google Properties, Maps, Mobile, Search and other features. 
  • Integration with Google+ “Circles” will allow users to find recommendations by family and other connections, making reviews more honest and accurate and minimizing the existence of false reviews.
  • Since Google+ Local pages are indexed by Google it makes optimization easier which may lead to better search engine rankings and more customers in the long run.
  • A user’s Google Places page is converted into a Google+ Page automatically so in the long view it will make internet marketing and social media marketing more integrated and perhaps easier.
Although Google+ Local replaces Google Places pages, business owners who use Google Places for Business can still access their Google Places page and dashboard. But their consumer-facing Place information now appears in the context of a Google+ Local page. Ultimately, with the new Google+ Local pages, businesses will have a better chance of getting more out of their online campaigns.

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