Facebook ecosystem blurs lines of earned and paid media

February 29, 2012by Reva McPollom0

Facebook is its own ecosystem. Years ago brands would ask what their online strategy was. Now they ask “What’s our Facebook strategy?” And that, my friends, is the profound shift that this article addresses.

Digital Advertising agency 360i CEO Bryan Weiner said it well.

“This shift that Facebook will accelerate means the lines between earned media and paid media will blur. Pity the marketer who still thinks in “working” and “non-working” dollars.”

Facebook is set to become a social CRM operating system for brands. The next shift that must occur is that brands and marketers start thinking in terms of connections and not just clicks, according to Ian Schafer, CEO of Deep Focus.

“The average dollar spent [on Facebook] is spent to get people to click the like button,” he said. “It’s like trying to grow your mailing list without caring how it’s performing.”

There are already signs of the unpaid and paid aspects of Facebook coming together. See the reluctant sex lubricant salesman.

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