Online learning does not have to feel daunting to learners. Often, the lack of human interaction causes a lack of effectiveness in content delivery. Students get unmotivated. However, there are ways to remedy these challenges by humanizing the online learning experience. Here’s how:

Tell a story

The art of storytelling is powerful beyond measure. It’s the first way information is transmitted to us as young children. We continue the to story tell as adults as a way of relaying information to others. It’s easy. It’s effective. It resonates. Achieve this through engaging simulations and scenarios. You will see an increase in learner knowledge retention, and stronger assessment data.

Use online tools

It makes sense that online learning design would rely on the use of online tools. From registration, instruction, and obtaining feedback, online tools make for easier planning and design. Try Formsite or Typeform for more seamless assessments and feedback modules. For easier curriculum and project planning, utilize application such as Trello. As you think about how to deliver content, employ the use of videos, images, and infographics to keep the course engaging.

Let students get creative

Cultivate learner curiosity! That is the true role of an educator, as outlined by Ramsey Musallam in his Ted Talk “3 Rules to Spark Learning”. As important as it is to relay content to a learner, it is just as important to receive content from the learner. Learners should have a voice. This can be achieved through the implementation of projects, experiments, and simulations.

Build an online community

Give learners the opportunity to engage with their peers. Establish a space in which students can have discussions and share feedback to make sense of the course content. The intersection of networking and learning is the exact environment that students need to achieve desired goals and objectives.

Be sure to share other ways you’ve been able to humanize content for learners in the comments below!

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