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March 9, 2017by Reva McPollom0

It’s easy to understand how to take content and bring it to a digital platform. It can be more challenging to determine how to engage in e-learning course development that uniquely showcases the goals and culture of your organization. Here are a few tips.

Gauge Your Audience

First, look at the age range of your audience. How familiar are they with technology? Will they be well served by an e-learning course that incorporates video, interactive exercises, pop-up buttons and quizzes? They may need a simpler approach with only graphics and text. Test a module with three or four slides on a sample audience. This will help you see whether they can work through it. Focus on the method of presentation, not the content.

As you create basic sample content, pay attention to your audience’s sense of humor. Try to incorporate jokes and puns that will get them to smile or laugh. People learn better when they are relaxed and having a good time.

Determine How You Will Reward Participants

E-learning courses should provide positive reinforcement, whether in the form of gold stars, points or letter grades. Ask a test group of participants what motivates them. Try out a few different options, such as a smiley face, a verbal encouragement and a short piece of an uplifting tune. Make sure you pick a motivator that does not annoy the user with repetition. You may want to create a bank of sounds, graphics and other rewards that the program chooses at random.

Show Your Colors

What are your organization’s colors and motto? How can you meld this with course content? An example of an appropriate way to customize a course would be to use your organization’s name in an academic test question (“Two out of three Smith Elementary students got a scholarship to college. What percent of students got a scholarship?”) or a workplace scenario (“When you give out a promotional item, like a free Beasley T-shirt, ask for a customer’s contact information.”)

Combining a few key ingredients, the right learning tools, excellent content and themes oriented around your organization will help you create e-learning programs your employees or students will enjoy. Of course, if it’s all too much for you, consider hiring experts. Reva Digital creates custom e-learning solutions for corporations and schools. Our offerings can be project-based or subscription-based. We also provide analysis and recommendations. Talk to Reva Digital staff today to discuss how we can create custom e-learning experiences that meet your needs and objectives.


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