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October 16, 2016by Reva McPollom0

Mobile learning is at the forefront of instruction in today’s world. The ease of access and convenience appeals to learners and instructors alike. This new paradigm for learning calls for learner experience designers to assess design tools that support the shift in how content is received.

LX designers are fighting a constant battle to produce the best learning experiences for users. With a multitude of tools and platforms available, it is difficult to parse through each to see what works best. To save you some time, check out our curated list of mLearning design tools that facilitate and make easier the LxD process:


Converting content from desktop to web-based is made easy with Impatica. A Powerpoint to HTML 5 solution, the tool aids in the accessibility of content to learners. Through the conversion process, PowerPoints can be played over the internet or corporate intranets, and work without those annoying plug-ins.


A web-based authoring tool, Elucidat is a popular one in the LxD world. It’s suitable for the non-technologically inclined and the tech-savvy designer alike. Elucidat has a responsive output, making it compatible with all mobile devices, regardless of screen size.


There are a plethora of prototyping platforms on the market, however Blueprint is my go-to pick for prototyping across mobile platforms. With its simulation functionalities, Blueprint allows you to prototype UI screens and content to gauge usability before getting the final product into publication.


Publishing is made easy with AchieveLearnCast. This application requires limited design experience and has rapid development capabilities, increasing its usability across the LxD community. Post publication support is also available, through tools that track learner progress, content share, surveys learners, and provides pre- and post-training follow up to assess effectiveness.

Adrenna Mobile

On-the-go learning is made easy with Adrenna Mobile. Adrenna is a platform packaging formal, informal, social, and collaborative learning into one easy to use Learning Management System. It’s like four functionalities of mLearning rolled into one application; and it’s available across all mobile operating systems.

Thanks to these easy to use tools, learner experience design for mobile learning doesn’t have to be so daunting!

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