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July 26, 2015by Reva McPollom0

New resources have been added to provide even more support for Reva Digital subscribers. A core Reva Digital service offering is WordPress LMS website development. Many of you already know the benefits of using WordPress to develop a school or training website, and how LearnDash and other integrations can be leveraged to create a full-fledged learning management system right inside of WordPress. But you and your team may still need help understanding the basic of WordPress website management.

Now, in addition to the 1-1 coaching and support provided by Reva via Reva Digital subscription, Reva Digital subscribers get instant access to over 40 continuously updated, high quality, video user manuals for WordPress. These “how to” videos can guide you and your team through everything you need to know to manage a WordPress website, saving you countless hours in training and consulting time.

The training videos cover a wide variety of WordPress topics, including adding posts, creating and editing users, managing themes and widgets, revisions, customizing, the visual editor, and running updates. These WordPress training videos are always up-to-Date. Each video is re-evaluated for relevancy on an on-going basis, hosted on powerful secure servers, and delivered with unlimited plays. View a sample training video.

In addition, Reva Digital has launched a new Support System. The Support System allows fast reliable support for subscribers at every subscription level.The support system provides fast reliable support. Subscribers can contact Reva directly and receive responses right from the dashboard.

Find out more about Reva Digital Media subscriber resources here:

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