Instructional Design

ADDIE and Agile Learning Design

We are experts in modern learner experience design creating high quality digital learning experiences that promote the development of new knowledge, behaviors and skills.

We develop outcomes-oriented eLearning courses, curriculum and content, and instructor-led training materials. Rooted in a modern learner experience design approach, we provide rapid eLearning authoring as well as custom eLearning development. Whether you need to translate boring corporate materials into entertaining self-paced learning experiences, or seek holistic digital learning strategy for a new or evolving learning and development program, we can help. We design and build eLearning courses with video, narration, animation and interactions, and follow the ADDIE/Agile methodology, focusing on speed, flexibility and collaboration.

5 Principles of Learner-Centered Design

1Design Lessons with the Learner in Mind: To make the experience great, we take account of your learners’ preferences in the instructional design.

2Create the Right Content for the Audience: We take the time to understand your learners’ experiences, and use relatable examples.

3Make the Technology Transparent: We make intuitive interfaces and avoid over-reliance on graphics that distract from your message.

4Design with Emotion: We us anchored instruction methods to invoke feelings of empathy, making learning more salient and memorable.

5Balance Surprise & Predictability: We use the right amount of predictability to improve learner concentration and participation.

Reva Digital works with clients to translate their ideas and content into online course outlines and storyboards that can be used in elearning design and development. Our storyboards are delivered in Word or Excel format and include narration, interaction, text on screen, citation, and competency alignment. We also develop assessments including quizzes and real-world activities. For clients who wish to evaluate whether elearning is an appropriate solution for their school or workplace, or validate a learning solution before going to market, we offer various research and analysis services including surveys, interviews, focus groups, and mobile polling.

Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis identifies the elements that contribute to a gap between the current organizational state and desired future state. This gap is referred to as a performance gap.

Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis helps determine the exact cause of the performance deficiency that is preventing the organization from reaching its objectives.

Instructional Analysis

Instructional Analysis breaks down the learning tasks of each specific instructional goal, so instruction includes what’s necessary and eliminates extraneous material.

Training Plan

After analysis is completed, a comprehensive training plan is created, and training content is designed to be effective, efficient and aligned to organizational goals.

Elearning Examples

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