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Reva Digital works with schools to modernize classroom instruction with dedicated consulting and support.

Classroom Technology Specialists

Modernize Teaching and Learning at Your School

Learner Analysis

We create personas based on your student population to ensure instruction is culturally responsive.

Digital Curriculum

We help you implement Lessonbee to provide digital learning and manage student assignments online.

Career Readiness

We work as Virtual Enterprises International consultants providing students with coaching and support.

As the demands of today’s workforce continue to evolve, many K-12 schools have the need to modernize their approaches but don’t know where to begin. Reva Digital helps schools meet the needs and expectations of 21st century learners by providing expert instructional design and technology consulting, website development, curriculum development, and learning technology implementation. Working in partnership with school staff over the course of several weeks, our consultants conduct analyses to understand the learners and context, design digital learning resources, integrate technology, and provide training.

Achievement First Case Study

Reva Digital transformed the coding program at Achievement First University Prep from a self-guided Codecademy session into a mock incubator. Over 12 weeks students crafted a business idea, built a 5-page website, and developed skills in problem-solving, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

In meeting the school’s needs for a low-cost program, students worked on their Chromebooks and developed in Cloud9, an open source IDE. Other free and open source developer tool plugins were enabled in their browsers.

Students were assessed as a group based on the quality of their business brief, adherence to HTML/CSS and SEO best practices, and website presentation. They also received individual class participation evaluations.

Providing opportunities for teamwork, embedding an expert instructor, and crafting a relevant challenge allowed students to successfully learn by doing. Students also broadened their perspectives on how they can participate in the tech economy by learning about different roles in a technology project.

Reva assessed the state of our school’s coding program and identified that our student's skills fell short of what they should be able to do...She developed a new curriculum, modeled implementation, and also successfully trained instructors to learn the technology and teach the new curriculum...We will certainly continue to use the course that Reva developed!
Katie PAcademic Dean

Digital Curriculum Examples

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