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Reva McPollom is founder and president of Reva Digital Media LLC (Reva Digital) and has over 15 years of experience working at the intersection of content, design and technology. Having participated in and led digital learning transformation for innovation-driven businesses, Reva knows firsthand how crucial it is to have reliable learning design and technology support. Reva began her career as a commercial voiceover artist and print news journalist. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Journalism & Media Studies from Rutgers University – New Brunswick, and Masters Degree in Instructional Technology & Media from Teachers College Columbia University.

After working in traditional media for 4 years, Reva pivoted to digital marketing and simultaneously digital learning in 2010, working as an instructional designer, online learning & web specialist, and SEO technologist. During this time she witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of digital learning, as well as the need for a new kind of learning and development professional that combined knowledge of instructional design methodologies with creativity, technical aptitude and business acumen. Reva – being such a unicorn – found her niche, and based her virtual hiring philosophy around finding similar magical beings, wherever they may be.

After graduating from Teachers College Columbia University, she went on to serve in digital marketing and learning roles at 360i, Resolution Media, Razorfish, the International Rescue Committee, and Liquidnet, while working with schools and training organizations to improve their instructional design, web design, and use of technology in the classroom as principal of Reva Digital. Today, she leads Reva Digital as principal consultant with responsibility for the company’s overall vision, strategy, and investments, including its Health Education courseware and Lessonbee™ reflective learning management system.

Leveraging the “Hollywood” model, Reva has grown the firm from a single consultant to a global team of instructional design and educational technology experts providing digital learning solutions including online course development, content development and web development. Collectively, Reva Digital possesses extensive experience evaluating the effectiveness of education in achieving learning objectives and in producing measurable outcomes for participants, as well as designing educational resources, thus enabling Reva Digital to support its clients by identifying, aligning and managing the right learning resources for the right projects at the right time.

Reva Digital has a track record of transforming organizational learning architecture and implementing modern learner experience design strategies that help businesses adopt blended learning approaches, eliminate unnecessary expenditures, increase learner engagement, and improve overall performance. Reva Digital was MWBE certified by the State of New York in 2014 by New York City in 2016, and has successfully served as a resource for other training and instructional design firms, and as a partner to prime vendors on government contracts.

Reva Digital was founded on the premise that digital technology has the power to transform learning. Our mission is to help organizations use technology to create transformative learning at all levels. We pride ourselves on delivering effective, efficient, and engaging digital learning solutions for our clients, so they can focus on delivering the critical services that keep their employees and customers happy, productive and successful.

Lessonbee® is a fully managed is an online platform for assignment management and reflective learning. Designed to support blended learning, flipped learning, social learning, and individualized learning, Lessonbee enhances classroom instruction by allowing teachers to easily enroll students in online lessons, assign tasks, homework and reflections, create individualized learning plans, and track student progress to mastery.

Lessonbee features standards-aligned adaptive health and sex education lessons developed by Reva Digital’s team of instructional designers in collaboration with certified health education professionals, and powered by Smart Sparrow adaptive learning technology.

Lessonbee provides the content, technology and support schools need to enhance teaching and learning with digital curriculum and implement character-based education. It also addresses the needs of schools for efficient data management and reporting, individualized instruction, student progress tracking, and credit recovery.

Lessonbee is designed to help improve the self-esteem, decision-making, and learning performance of middle and high school students, and positively impact their lives outside the classroom. It supports blended learning, flipped learning, individualized learning, social learning and self-paced learning, and is currently being piloted with select schools in New York. We are currently accepting outside investment to support research, development and commercialization.

The global self-paced elearning market reached $32.1 billion in revenue in 2010, with a five year compound annual growth rate of approximately 9.2%. There are eight buyer segments in the industry: consumer, pre-k to 12, higher education, corporations and businesses, federal government, state and local government, healthcare, and associations, NGOs and non-profits.

With 78 percent of students using a digital device for large portion of their school day, it should come as no surprise that 86 percent of K–12 schools are looking to spend more this year on digital curriculum, according to research by The Learning Counsel’s most recent Digital Curriculum Strategy Survey.

In addition, the digital courseware market is maturing, as spending shifts from individual teacher investments to districtwide spending. Another survey, conducted in April 2017 by OverDrive and ASCD, found that 80 percent of schools and districts use some form of digital content in the classroom.

Our target customers are K-12 schools, HR leaders, government agencies, and B2B firms that outsource instructional design and content development. The HR segment includes large companies in all industries, non-profit organizations, government institutions, and education institutions. Indeed, increased regulatory training mandated by state, local and federal governments account for the ever-increasing need for online course development.

Likewise, schools at al levels are seeking avenues to implement elearning in ways that are effective and efficient. Huge bets have been made on MOOCs and Learning Management Systems for example, and as attentions shift from technical implementation to learning evaluation, there’s an increasing the need for digital learning consulting and services.

With the combined capabilities of our digital learning expertise, off-the-shelf adaptive courseware, and proprietary learning platform, plus our unique position as a certified MWBE in the edtech space, Reva Digital is positioned to be a strategic partner for learning organizations at all levels.

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