The Healthy Learning Management System

Modernize Teaching and Learning at Your School with Lessonbee

Lessonbee® is a transformative learning platform and supplemental digital curriculum solution that enables schools to implement digital learning programs with student health at the core. Lessonbee provides teachers on-demand access to comprehensive, culturally responsive, and medically accurate health lessons and resources to promote the delivery of credible and consistent health education. Designed to support blended learning, flipped learning, social learning, and individualized learning, Lessonbee enhances classroom instruction through self-paced online lessons, regular reflective learning assignments, and individualized education plans. Lessonbee can be used for across the curriculum and for teacher training.  Reva Digital is Lessonbee’s MWBE certified implementation partner; NYC schools can license Lessonbee and access Lessonbee PD through Reva Digital. Reva Digital is registered in the NYC Payee Information Portal (PIP).

Learning Platform Capabilities

  • Create unlimited classes, modules, units and lessons
  • Buy lessons for your classes via the shared Content Library
  • Add your own Smart Sparrow adaptive lessons to your classes
  • Find and share lessons and resources across your network
  • Track student assignments across classes in one dashboard
  • View student grades and progress and export to Excel or PDF
  • Assign conversational and challenge-based reflection activities
  • Create tasks to assign real-word activities that anchor learning
  • Assign individual and group homework and track submissions
  • Assess knowledge with true/false and multiple-choice quizzes
  • Access Lessonbee via your desktop, mobile phone or tablet

Digital Curriculum Examples

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Healthy Bodies: Systems of the Human Body

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Human Development: Your Story Unfolds

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Introduction: Forging Your Path to Health

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